Let's unite our community by connecting front line workers with people and businesses who want to show their support.

Community First is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading kindness and support across our community during these uncertain times.

#CommunityFirst. We started by coming together to feed our HEROES: delivering a fresh meal & a smile to our front line healthcare workers, while supporting a local restaurant.

#HeroesWithoutMasks. We are continuing our mission by donating PPE (personal protective equipment) to all of our heroes; across healthcare, first responders & essential businesses.

Community First Limited is classified as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by the standards of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). All donations with receipts issued by our organization are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

We have re-actively sent receipts to donors who gave before the formation date of 4/20/2020. Please inquire with us if you have any questions about tax-deductible giving.

Impact Made

Meals Served


Fresh meals delivered to Front Line Heroes.

Teams Recognized


Hardworking Front Line teams.

Pieces of PPE Distributed


Surgical masks, respirators, gloves & other PPE that have been distributed to our #heroeswithoutmasks across the nation.

Partner Organizations


Our collaboration partners & sponsors that have joined forces (Local restaurants, sponsors, donor funds)

Funds Used for Local Impact Meals

11214 $

Dollars in the fund that have been directed for purchase & donation of Local Impact Meals to our #communityfirst.

Funds Used for PPE

6120 $

Dollars in the fund that have been directed for purchase & donation of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Funds Raised

10030 $

Kindness in donations from the community.

Fundrasing Goal Percentage (COVID-19 Relief)

50 %

Our goal is to raise $20,000 in funds to assist with community relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local Impact Meals (Houston, TX)

How does it work?

Health care organizations sign up for delivery.
Our local business partners offer meals at reduced prices for this effort.
Your donations pay for these reduced-price meals, at no cost to the health care workers.
Meals – and hope – are delivered to the medical organizations with care.

Personal Protective Equipment for Front line Workers

How does it work?

Community First has been purchasing Masks & other PPE through or network channels for donation.
Members of the community make a request by telling their story .
Our team reviews the request and does out best to distribute PPE where the need is critically high.

Education & Technology

Low income students, especially those in K-5 school do not have access to computers to participate in the same distance learning experience as their classmates. We are exploring partnerships with enterprise computer vendors to make laptops available to those students in those school districts.

Local Impact Meals (Vehari, Pakistan)

The COVID-19 outbreak has generated both demand and supply shocks reverberating across the global economy. Among major economies outside of China, the OECD forecasts the largest downward growth revisions in countries deeply interconnected to China, especially Pakistan. In Pakistan nearly 25% of the people are living below the line of poverty, and their majority lives in the smaller cities of Pakistan like Vehari, where 50% people earn their livelihood through daily wages are major effected, as shops are closed, on going work at different constructions sites are closed, cooked meal shops, restaurants etc, everthing is closed, which is making nearly impossible for the daily wager to earn his bread for his family and survive in this major lockdown due to the outbreak.
We need to stand with all those in need during these difficult times and provide them food for at least next 10-15 days, to make sure that their families should not be atleast sleeping while hungry during this major Lockdown due to Corona. As a rough estimate we need at least 1000 USD for feeding 10-15 families for the next 15 days in this outbreak.

Our intentions and way of donation will be very same to this donation organization.

Our Partners