We offer a variety of smart home & connectivity services.


Smart Home Control

Take control of your home with a wide array of Smart Home devices that can control your lights, locks, thermostats, shades & more. 


SmartLighting+Temp Starting at $500

SmartEntertainment Starting at $500

Smart Windows Starting at $1000


Smart Home Security

The ability to secure your home has never been easier with the large variety of smart home security products available today. Instead of the traditional monitored home security system you can pick and choose how you want to monitor & secure your home – from cameras, sensors, automated locks and more. Pair this with Smart Home Control for the ultimate Smart Home experience.


SmartSecure Starting at $300

Natural Voice Command™

Make your smart home even easier to use with our Natural Voice Command™ product, combining the power of Amazon Echo/Alexa with our highly customizable control system to allow you to control your home in a way that is truly simple & easy to use every day.


NaturalVoice Starting at $300


Home Networking

A well functioning smart home relies on a very important backbone – the network at your home. Most smart devices today require speedy & reliable internet connectivity – we can help install and configure the right network for your home to perform like you expect. Let us help you get the most out of your internet connection by maximizing speeds to your devices, including better Wi-Fi to your phones, tablets & computers.


SmartWifi Starting at $300


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