Service Areas

Quality Smart Homes Technology in Austin, Texas, and Area

ATX Smart Homes’ head office is located in Austin, Texas, however, our trusted and reliable services expand to clients throughout the Austin area. Our service areas include:

  • Downtown Austin
  • The Drag
  • Hyde Park and Clarksville
  • South Austin
  • East Side
  • West Austin
  • Zilker Metropolitan Park

Why Choose ATX Smart Homes as Your Local Provider?

We know that there are many smart home technology providers in Austin, Texas, but we also know that they don’t boast our quality of services at our unmatched rates. Locally owned and operated, we at ATX Smart Homes serve all of our clients with short lead and delivery times. 


We’re the Preferred Choice for Austin Neighborhoods


Local support is important to us at  ATX Smart Homes and we appreciate all the positive reviews we get from the clients located in our service areas. Browse our reviews on our review page and see how our local clientele rate our service. 


As the preferred choice for locals within the Austin area, we’re looking to expand our clientbase and include you or your company in our long list of satisfied clients.


Let Us Help You in Your Area or Neighborhood


Please reach out to our friendly, professional team at ATX Smart Homes if you’re looking to join our smart home tech family. If you’re unsure of whether or not we serve your area, contact our sales rep today. We’ll do whatever we can to assist you, no matter your location!


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