Energy Efficient & Convenience

Today’s automated home encapsulates all mechanical systems to enhance the everyday use of the home. The possibilities are endless, from as simple as controlling the drive gate to setting a “goodnight” scene for a single button press to close shades and gates, turn off lights and lock doors.


Environmental control has been the “up and coming” control feature for years and the industry has perfected it! Adjust schedules and temperature within the control app of your phone or tablet anywhere in the world.


Turn your light on or off (or even dim and change colors!) using your control system. Making sure that lights turn off after a certain time or if you are away from your home will ensure that light bill stays down.


Opening and closing your blinds to enjoy the view or natural light becomes easy with the touch of a button or with a schedule. Make sure your shades are blocking intense sunlight during certain times of the day to keep your cooling bill down. Wake up to the morning light on a schedule to make sure you get the best possible nights rest.

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