Connect with your Systems & Devices

Today’s automated home can be made up of countless different connectivity options. Controlling your TVs, audio systems or even your coffee maker are completely possible.

We offer a variety of smart home & connectivity service

Audio Video Control

Enjoy a Movie Theater Experience in the Comfort of Your Home
Often the most common starting point for home automation is in your home theater. This is an area where convenience and simplicity in controlling the array of home theater components is really noticeable. When you consider the number of different audio and visual pieces that make up your entertainment center (TV, stereo, tuner, DVD changers, and Blu-ray players), you likely have an equal number of remotes to operate each of them. With a home-automation system developed by a company like Control4, you will need only one remote to control all of your components.
Distribute Your Music Equally
Your household music collection might have as many different genres as there are people. A home automation system lets you accommodate your family’s eclectic music preferences by compiling your different music sources (CDs, MP3s, and streaming music services like Rhapsody) and allowing everyone to access their favorite music from select rooms throughout your house.

Whole Home Wi-Fi (Wireless)


Your devices and control depend on a solid wireless internet connection. Whole Home Wi-Fi ensures that no matter where you are inside or outside your home you have fast and reliable wireless connectivity. We can help design, install and configure the wireless system that works best for your home’s design and your needs.

Anything Else

Want to connect your coffee maker, massage chair, microwave or anything else to your system? We can you help you do it.